What is a Crystal Tones Distributor?

An official Crystal Tones Distributor is an agent or entity who represents the Crystal Tones brand, purchases Crystal Tones’ products at a wholesale price and resells them to their customers at a retail cost.

Initial Investment

  • Platinum Distributor $20k – $50k (30 to 60 bowls)
  • Gold Distributor $10k – $20k (15 to 30 bowls)
  • Silver Distributor $10k (less than 15 bowls)

To maintain distribution status, order minimum 4 times per year.

After approval bowls will be selected according to wishlist and investment budget, then presented over the phone, through email, and via video calls.

Once confirmed, then we will create and invoice, process payments, and ship the orders. After you have received your order, we will have the distributor training call and go over how to price and sell the bowls.

Distributor Application