What are Alchemy Crystal Bowls™

Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ are the most elegant, ethereal crystal singing bowls worldwide. They are lighter than the more conventional frosted white crystal singing bowls with their 99.995% pure crystal structure infused with other precious gemstones, metals, and minerals. Our patented fusion technology that allows us to meld these elements together not only enhances the inherent energetic properties of the crystal
singing bowls, but also adds an additional beauty and unique artistry that is like no other
crystal singing bowls you can find elsewhere.


Other helpful information about the Alchemy Crystal Bowls™

At Crystal Tones any bowl with “Aura” in the name is on a clear crystal bowl. If the name has “Ocean”, “Sky”, “Angel”, or “Forest” in it then it is on an opaque crystal bowl. Energetically, clear crystal bowls have a more masculine, penetrating energy, and the white opaque bowls have a more feminine, flowey energy that helps drive the additional attributes that the alchemies provide.


Always keep in mind we cannot guarantee any note or frequency, nor can we promise one if it is requested. This is due to the nature of the bowls. We only learn a bowl’s note and frequency after it’s been created. We like to say they are born with their own unique voices. Also keep in mind a crystal singing bowl or set of bowls will always enhance yours or your customers life no matter what the note or frequency is, as the crystal and alchemies and sound all work together for your benefit. Though in the human realm, we like to attach our beliefs and understandings to the names of notes or identified frequencies, the crystal bowls themselves draw from a source outside our mortal labels. Simply trusting in the power of the bowls is all we need to do to allow them to work with us. Essentially it all comes down to believing and intention in the end.